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Published November 15, 2013

This is a part of our ‘MY DOCTOR’ series: enter our competition HERE.

I was introduced to Doctor Who by my housemate in my second year of university. She’d blasted through Torchwood, so we jumped straight to New Who, as it’s sometimes called, and so my Doctor will always be Ten as played by Scottish actor David Tennant. He was joined by companions Rose, Martha, and Donna, who I liked as well. Sometimes he spoke very fast and his babbling was funny. But he also was sad, because he was the last of the Time Lords. His TARDIS had excellent interior decorating, and also I liked his hair.

Like all Doctors, Ten’s TARDIS was bigger on the inside, and he had a sonic screwdriver, but I feel he had more standout characteristics. His proclivity for wearing fezzes and bowties. His fondness for bananas. These things, I feel, made him the most human and relatable of all of the Doctors. He was kind but also fierce, such as the time he sank an entire pirate ship by blasting a hole in it with his sonic screwdriver. He had feelings and he expressed them, often using words and gesticulations.

He visited many exciting locations, such as ancient Rome, and fought many memorable villains such as the Cyber Men. I was moved to tears when he lost his long-time canine companion, Rex, during the Napoleonic Wars. I wish they’d spent more episodes dealing with his time spent with Alexander the Great, their bromance was kind of adorable. And how great were the effects in the King Arthur episodes? How often do you get to see a dude who looks like THAT battling giants and evil witches and stuff? Great stuff. Oh and I really liked the time that he battled dinosaurs and then discovered penicillin. And then he had lunch with Pablo Picasso. Man, that dude had some CRAZY adventures didn’t he? What a guy.

Doctor Ten’s defining moment for me was when he had to fight for the freedom of the entire galaxy. A corrupt governing force was threatening nearby planets and the Doctor joined up with some other loveable rogues to fight back. They went through many memorable trials, being eaten alive and chased by other spaceships, but Ten’s greatest battle was internal; he had to learn to overcome his own fears and limitations until he was ready to take on the enemy’s fiercest warrior, who turned out to be his father…

OKAY okay I admit it. I don’t watch Doctor Who. But everyone else was doing one and I wanted to participate too. I’ve been on Wikipedia though, and this show sounds weird. He fought monsters made of human fat one time? What is that about? Anyway I’m sorry I lied to you. I’m so sorry. Have fun with your Eighth Doctor webisode or whatever it is everyone is yelling about.


“I don’t want to go”?


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