DGLD Review: Black Science #1

And now for something completely new…Black Science has been well received by the comic book world, and is now in its second printing.

In the world of Black Science, things are very weird. The talented creative team (Remender, Scalera, White) paint a dark but oddly beautiful world of dangerous blue bioelectric man-frogs, fish-people and giant turtles.


We see the world from the point of view of Grant McKay, former member of ‘The Anarchistic Order of Scientists’, who has deciphered Black Science and “punched through the barriers of reality” – hence the fish-people. Now, Grant and his team are lost and trying to get home, which means they need to pass through various alien worlds, which makes and will make for further glorious spreads.

This first issue is visually stunning, beautiful despite (or perhaps because of) the dark, bizarre nature of the alien world. The story is also nicely established early on, and of course, since it’s the first issue, now is a perfect time to jump in – the second issue is also out now.

Black Science #1 is a science fiction epic, with gorgeous, rich art, and an overdramatic narrator. But then again, he is trying to keep his family alive as they hurtle through unknown alien worlds and try to get home. Also, they quote Carl Sagan.


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Sharona Lin

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