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Published December 1, 2014

When someone says, “Australian Cinema”, admit it; you think of The Castle.

Which is fair, because it’s an iconic film.

It’s a shame, though, because there have been some really amazing independent Australian films in the last few years which deserve a lot more fame, but have sadly been glossed over by their over commercialized, Hollywoodised bretherin.

Love is Now is a truly amazing, truly Australian film.

Dean (Eamon Farren) is an aspiring photographer. He’s moved to the city to pursue his passion, but like many following their dream, he’s having a little trouble. His portfolio rejected by an idol, he impulsively…acquires an invitation to an exclusive exhibition. Posing as someone he is not, he meet Audrey (Claire Van Der Boom) with whom he shares an instant connection. He’s soon discovered, and it seems over, until while drowning his sorrows she finds him and they have a magical evening together.

Dean is a technical perfectionist, Audrey is a free spirit; their relationship is one of opposites that attract. And though initially reluctant, when Audrey tells him of a trip she once took cycling the Harvest Trail – picking fruit by day, partying by night – Dean agrees to relive it with her. And so begins a summer of love where they discover more about each other than ever expected.


Love Is Now is directed by Jim Lounsbury, produced by Behren Schulz, and beautifully soundtracked with original songs from Kram of Spiderbait. Locations range from Hyde Park and the Botanical Gardens in Sydney, to the Hunter Valley areas of Maitland and Broke, giving it that uniquely Australian feel.

It’s worth noting that funding for the film came principally through partnership with Nikon Australia; Nikon have long been supporters of DSLR filmmaking, especially with Tropfest, and the film is shot entirely on the Nikon D810. Reid Cycles provided the ‘Condor’ bikes. It’s an exceptional marriage of art and commerce that avoids the very easy product placement trap of making the film into a ninety minute advertisement.


  • Love is Now stars Eamon Farren and Claire van der Boom, with a support cast that includes Anna Torv, Dustin Claire, Heather Mitchell, Chris Haywood, Rhys Muldoon, Matt Hardie and Lech Mackiewicz.


  • Independent Australian Cinema

Love is Now opens in cinemas nationwide on December 4.

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