Kelly Fastuca’s secrets to comedy, podcasting and New York: “Don’t die.”

Til Knowles

Pop culture commentator/void screamer. Geeky for comedy, podcasts, science fiction, books, comics, television, film and theatre. Til is a freelance writer, aspiring academic and the Melbourne editor of Pop Culture-y.

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  1. March 30, 2015

    […] Kelly Fastuca is a boisterous presence onstage. Performing in a tiny space to an overfilled room at the Grand Mercure Hotel’s Downstairs Lounge, she bounces about with the glee of a sold out show tingling in the atmosphere. The thirty-three year old bespectacled Australian stand up has spent the last five years living in New York, yet it doesn’t seem to have affected her comedic sensibilities at all. […]

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