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Published August 7, 2015


La Chambre Bleue (The Blue Room) opened exclusively yesterday at the Nova, following a very successful run at the 2015 Alliance Francaise French Film Festival back in March. An adaptation of the work of Belgian writer Georges Simenon, it is directed by and stars Mathieu Amalric as Julian Gahyde, a middle-aged salesman and family man who embarks on a fiery affair with a married woman, Esther (Stéphanie Cléau, with whom he wrote the screenplay).


As they lie together, naked, she asks him, “if I were suddenly free, could you free yourself too?” a question that goes unanswered, but lies at the forefront of our minds, as Julien suddenly finds himself at the centre of a police investigation. But what is it of which he stands accused? What price his freedom? Almaric’s use of non-linear narrative, with gripping performance from the supporting cast – special mention must be made to Léa Drucker and Mona Jaffart as his Delphine and Suzanne, his wife and daughter respectively – keeps you constantly on your toes. In the words of David Stratton, “Lovers of well-made thriller and tasteful eroticism will be amply rewarded by Almaric’s stylish and intelligent treatment.”


‘The Blue Room’ is currently screening at the Nova Cinema. Ticket prices vary. ‘The Blue Room’ is in French, with English Subtitles.

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