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Published January 20, 2016

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about Grant Busé.

Sex is life affirming, and Grant knows it. But it’s still something we’re not all that comfortable talking about. With over an hour of original songs, including Car Sex and The Spot That Makes You O, he gleefully strips away the hang ups, leaving himself bare before his audience. Naked and free of pretentions, if you will. He literally takes his clothes off, is what I’m saying.

Grant’s comfortable and laid back, which you’d have to be to put it all out there like that*, and a great addition to the Midsumma lineup, a festival celebrating sexuality. Highlights for me include Car Sex, Booty Mix – a remix of popular hits dedicated to the female booty – and Hypocrite. And, of course, his incredible…shorts.


Grant Busé appears in The Late Night Sexy Show at the Butterfly Club at 8:30pm, until Sunday 24. Tickets are $32 Full, $28 Conc., with discounts for Members and Groups of 6+. Pants, I’m told, are optional.


*I’m sorry, last one I swear.

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