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Published February 4, 2016

Welcome to the world of cabaret where, according to writer/performer Bradley Storer, you need three things to make a show: a dance number, a bad joke, and audience participation.

Trickster has all this and more, songs interwoven with one another, an introduction you’re sure to remember and some stories that leave you slightly uncomfortable in your seat. Through stories that seem all too bizarre not to be true Storer teethes out the animosity and angst that troubles our everyday lives. And as a lonely single twenty-something these are ideas you can relate to all too well.


Storer’s honesty and intelligence make you do a double take during the musical numbers. They are well positioned; weaving into one another, pushing you to question your thoughts around what is acceptable and what is simply going to far in human interaction in the modern day.

Minimal props and set put Storer in the spotlight, and leave his incredible energy at the forefront of your mind. Charismatic and full of life, his one man show pulls you in and even gets you involved (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt).

The accompanist, and his moments sharing the spotlight, is also excellent.

Cheeky, quirky, and a little but dark, you’ll find yourself laughing,…then questioning whether the laugh is actually appropriate….and just going with it to enjoy the weird and wonderful world that Storer presents.


Trickster is showing for a very limited season at The Butterfly Club from Feb 2 – 7. Tickets are $25-$32. Catch it quick!