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Published February 3, 2016

Lisa-Skye and Daisy Berry are following up on their hit shows at Adelaide Feast Festival with a one-night-only spectacular at the Butterfly Club. We spoke to the two of them about comedy, cohabiting, and celebrity crushes.  

Easy one first: how did you meet?

Daisy: We met at a gig at the Butterfly Club. I had been doing comedy a little while but never at the Butt Club. Lisa was MCing and I remember her being hilarious (of course) but also seemed vaguely surprised by where the hell this child-like comedian that is me had come from and why this foetus was actually alright at comedy.

Lisa-Skye: A very wealthy, very distant great aunt we both share died, and her will stipulated that the last one to stay in her haunted mansion would inherit it. Well, we met the night we both planned to sleep there… but we’re both little purses and now live in small sharehouses.

What’s your favourite thing about her?

D: That the opinion of no one seems to bother her. She’s one of those people that actually doesn’t give a shit what others think of her. Or at least that’s impression green hair, rainbow make up and lots of general bling gives. It’s refreshing.

L: That she is so god damn hilarious, and dry. She’s the most naturally funny lowkey person I know

Least favourite?

D: Her face. It annoys me.

L: She’s a shady ho and when I’m being an arseclown she can own me with a single cutting remark, and I got nothin’ to give back.  

What’s the strangest thing she’s ever said to you?

D: Oh god. Where do I even start? There’s too many to remember but one that stands out is when she excitedly squealed that her chew toy was back in town and she was referring to a person.

L: ‘Why are you bringing a suitcase that giant for three days in Adelaide?’ BECAUSE I AM A HIGH MAINTENANCE FEMME IT IS AS IF YOU DON’T KNOW ME AT ALL DAIS


What’s her weirdest habit?

D: Probably the bizarre noises she makes; usually from excitement but my favourite are when she’s annoyed because she gives the impression she could actually tear you limb from limb.

L: Being a young person. Any time I think I’m in touch with The Youth of Today™ I talk to her and it’s like, ‘Oh wait no, I’m still a 34 year old guy, cool’.

If she was an animal what would she be and why?

D: I want to say a parrot because of all the colour but it doesn’t seem right. So I think one of those little fluff ball dogs that has been dyed multi-coloured by its owner that loves it too much. The kind of possessive love that comes from someone not having children. And results in a spoilt dog.

L: A stingray. Mellow, calm and gentle, but a bloody predator in the best way.

Also most stingrays don’t have girlfriends either.

Which fictional character is she most like and why?

L: One of those archly intelligent, tortured lesbians in a Sarah Waters book, except it’s modern days times now and she still can’t get laid even with Tinder.

D: Some crazy super villain on the Powerpuff girls. She would lure them in looking all cute and colourful then there would be some mega twist and Lisa would take over the world.

If she was dumped on a desert island how long do you think she’d survive? What do you think would be the worst part? 

L: Christ, dude. She grew up in the country. She’d live forever. The only thing she’d struggle with is killing small animals for sustenance, since she’s a veggo. She’d probs recruit bunny rabbits to go forage for her. God, that entire image is so adorable that my face just melted off.

D: I’d give her three hours. She’d pass out from hunger and has no wilderness skills.

Do you have any nicknames for her?

L: Dais, #ThanksDais.

D: Generally just “bitch”.

What’s her celebrity crush? Do you agree, or are they garbage?

L: God damn bloody flipping Courtney Barnett. I have no idea who she is (besides a young person muso) but she won’t shut the hell up about it. Dais was devo when Barnett didn’t win Hottest 100, which I can understand because I know how happy it made me when Spiderbait won for ‘Buy Me a Pony’…in 1996.

D: I just had to Google hers. Who the hell is Fat Mike from NoFX??

Anyway, no I don’t agree. He’s a man, so naturally, he’s gross.

How long would you survive if you were married to each other? 

L: I would happily cohabit with Dais for as long as it took her to ‘go down to the servo for some durries’ but forever-long times.

D: Oh, she’s way too high maintenance for me. We wouldn’t make it past cutting the cake.


An Evening with Lisa-Skye and Daisy Berry kicks off at 10pm on the 5th of February at The Butterfly Club. Tickets are $25 full and $20 concession, bookings through

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