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Published March 25, 2016

As you enter the Butterfly Club’s downstairs lounge, Clara Cupcakes is there to greet you with a lei and a two sided card with “A” or “B” printed on either side, a clear sign that the show you’re about to see is going to be…a little different. And so it proves to be; you’ve just entered a choose-your-own-adventure, like those “turn to page 24 if you…” books from our childhood come to life. Each show is bound to be different, as your first choice sends Clara to either Hollywood or the Circus (for us, it was the Circus, which the delighted Clara exclaimed was the first time for her festival run!), and that’s just the start.


Elephants or Balloons? Apples or Oranges? Will any of the options ever be “Hula”? Clara is the quintessential burlesque clown, with a manic energy to her as she reacts to the audience vote and the increasingly demanding voice-over, escalating to some slightly Stoppard-esque comedy about free will. It’s a wild ride, and an exceedingly entertaining one at that.


Clara Cupcakes in “Hot Patootie!” is at The Butterfly Club at 8:30pm, Tuesday to Sunday until April 3. Prices $25 – $32.

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