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Published March 26, 2016

James Blonde (Ian Nash-Gilchrist) returns after 2015’s Live and Let Spy; the nefarious Dr. Maybe (Ed Dolista) has escaped from custody with the help of his henchman Jawg (pronounced “George”, and played by Scott Popovi,) and once again plans on world domination. Aided by brilliant Russian Agent Ivana Holdyurhanski (Cassia Webster), can Blonde defeat the devious doctor and his villainous organisation, D.E.C.A.Y.? Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. Especially James Bond.

The easy comparison would be to Leslie Nielson in Spy Hard (in fact I think they may have used the music as a backing track for the opening number, performed live) and the spy genre is certainly ripe for parody. Personally I saw it as a bit like “Bond meets ‘The Office’”; something silly happens and everyone turns to the camera. Nash-Gilchrist’s Blonde seemed to alternate between the Connery and Brosnan eras. Terrible puns abound (see the aforementioned Russian Agent). The cast also includes Jen Stirk as femme fatal Carmen Sutra, and Ian Rooney, Liam Erck and Janine McKenzie in a variety of roles, notably General Admission, Q-T and MMM respectively.

If you’re in the mood for something light of heart, I thoroughly recommend. Often corny – “My middle name is ‘Trouble’.” (Everyone join in) “REALLY, I THOUGHT IT WAS-“ – in places somewhat sentimental; it’s not hard to imagine Nash-Gilchrist and Dolista (the team behind Comic Genius Productions) have the Bond Franchise collection on their DVD shelves at home. Much as I love the new direction they’re taking with Daniel Craig, there will always be a place for some of the silliness of the earlier films (without going quite as far as Roger Moore).

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