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Published March 25, 2016

Britain’s most famous barman, the Pub Landlord, returns to dispense his every-man wisdom on the issues of the day (and what a time for it – worst government ever!) over a Pint, or a glass of wine for the Ladies (those are the rules!). When I spoke with him earlier this week, Al Murray, the man behind the tap, issued the warning that if you’re not familiar with his work, you should avoid the front row; good advice indeed, as no fewer than two men where christened with beer, and no one escaped unscathed. You may also want to visit the lavs before the show, as he will see you, and he will say something.


It’s a tribute to the amount of work that Murray puts in every year that a vast majority of his performance is interacting with the audience; although he has significant amounts of material prepared, his quick wit, and the deep level to which he has developed the character allow for spontaneous hilarity, as he easily responds to anything the audience comes out with. And although it often comes in the form of mockery, the Pub Landlord is never unkind, and there were several moments where he was genuinely moved by some of those he talked to. He’s more of a pretension-seeking-missile; he speaks his mind, my son.


The Pub Landlord – “The (British) Empire Strikes Back” is at the Forum at 9:45pm Tuesday to Saturday, 8:45pm Sunday until April 3. Prices $33 – $39.95.

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