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Published April 8, 2016

When you think of the words, “Rock Royalty”…okay, you probably don’t think of the Axis of Awesome, but maybe you should. Benny, Jordan and Lee are back behind the mic at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, ready to kick arse, take names, and address the elephant in the room; Lee’s bald now.


In seriousness, there’s been a lot of discussion and coverage following Jordan’s decision to go public with her identity as a trans woman, and while there are a few choice gags about it during the course of the show, the most important thing to take away is that they’re still the Axis of Awesome we all know and love, and really that should be all the discussion that is needed. And honestly, Jordan seems a lot happier now, which is always something you want to see.

It’s a tight hour; plenty of banter, a nice mixture of new songs and a couple of old favourites (no prizes for guessing what they close the show with). Max Watt’s (formerly the Hi-Fi, and still referred to by many, including myself, as such) is a great venue; it is definitely a rock gig, complete with all the furnishings, with a couple of funny bits thrown in. They’re devotees of their art; if you stop listening to the words, you’re hearing quality rock music. When you switch back in, they’ll make you laugh. It’s nothing like a Noel Coward, music-hall variety act many expect when they hear the phrase “musical comedy”.

The Axis of Awesome; they’re, well, AWESOME.

The Axis of Awesome Won’t Ever Not Stop Giving Up is at Max Watt’s at 9:45 Tuesday – Saturday, 8:45 Sunday until April 10. Prices $30 – $35. There’s only a few shows left, so get to it!

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