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Published April 10, 2016

Sonia Di Iorio has been alone for a while now… but she’s totally cool with it. It’s fine. No, really. “Alone Wolf”, her latest offering, is a tightly packed hour of comedy as the “not sexy, silly” Sonia navigates the seas of singledom; from Fight Club to polyamory, to the advantages of being able to multitask, Sonia invites you to bring a plus one to her celebration of solitude. But, you know.


A self-described introvert, there’s a slight nervousness to Di Iorio’s stream-of-thought delivery style, but that only serves to endear her further to the audience, her occasional “so umm”s reflect a degree of common anxiety that most feel in social or romantic situations. She clearly has a lot of material, all tapped from her own life, which she’s polished into the final production; a regular at comedy rooms around Melbourne, Di Iorio certainly works hard to perfect each punchline, and it shows when you see her at the Festival. She’s also been performing since 2009, and that experience is evident.

Despite being, in her own words, “a thinker, not a talker” once Di Iorio gets on a roll the ideas comes steadily, and, regardless of that nervousness, you can see her settle into gear and get a lot more comfortable. She has a keen eye for observation, and that “thinker” instinct leads to hilarious, all be it some times awkward, insight, that is an absolute pleasure to watch.

Sonia Di Iorio in Alone Wolf is at the Downstairs Lounge of the Grand Mercure Hotel Tuesday – Sunday at 9pm until April 17. Prices $12 – $26, discounts for Groups of 5+, all tickets $12 on Tuesdays.

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