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Published September 20, 2016

I’ve been trying to find the best terms to describe Bomb Collar from Nick Delatovic at the Melbourne Fringe. It’s… strange. Uniquely so. If you started by thinking of a U.S.O show with the audience as the soldiers, set in a post-apocalyptic, war torn future, where music is all but forgotten, with an entertainer locked in a bomb collar (see the title) that might go off at any moment and forced to sing, where stim pills are issued to help you relax (actually jelly beans), you might start to head down the right path. On the Last Instrument the Last Singer plays The Last Songs Known To Man; it’s haunting, and beautiful, a little frightening, and highly emotive. It’s a small room, but it is filled with presence, and an ever present danger; the audience are warned before the performance that they attend at their own risk, as the collar is still active.


An hour of original songs – although, in this future they are well known – performed with heart and yearning and sadness and hope. There is a deeply complex story happening to which we are only treated a small part, and it gives depth, and complexity, and character to the piece. It is hard to encapsulate with words the emotionality; this is a performance that can hardly be described, and must be seen to be appreciated. I hope to see more of Nick’s work in the future.


Bomb Collar is at the Melbourne Fringe, 6:30pm in the Parlour Room of the Arts House. Full $20.00, Conc. $18. Tickets available from the Melbourne Fringe website.

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