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Published September 19, 2016

Michael is Jewish. Well…he’s Jewish…ish. In an hour of gags, Michael discusses what that’s meant to him, and how it’s turned him into the man he is today; from having free reign in choosing any of the three acceptable career paths, his first encounter with anti-semitism, Jewish Dancing, and how if he’s accosted by any Nazis, he’s praying they’re Grammar Nazis. Hilarity for Jews and Gentiles alike (although, when it came to taking a quick audience survey, it turned out yours truly was one of only two – as he remarked, “Now you know how we usually feel!”). According to him, the audience must have schlepped over from Caufield, and on Shabbat of all things!


This is Michael’s first solo show, although he’s already an accomplished performer; a RAW comedy finalist, frequently appearing – and producing – as a part of 3 Course Comedy and Melbourne Comedy’s Rising Stars, and hosting Channel 31’s The Leak. The tiny room at Club Voltaire was packed to the point it was a fire hazard (“If anything happens, the rule is; comedian’s first!”). While it does take a little while for the ear to adjust to his rapid fire delivery, once it settles it’s well worth it. Some of the best moments – to my mind – were his faux responses to the absurdity he finds himself in; a straight man in a strange world. I happened to overhear some members of the audience remark that his occasional use of blue-ish humor was not, in their opinion, as strong as the rest of his material; personally I found them hilarious, but they were a little in contrast to the majority of his performance.


Michael Shafar in Jewish-ish is on at 9:15pm at Club Voltaire, Friday 23 and Saturday 24. Full $18, Conc., Child, and Groups of 6+ $15.

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