Review: Screw Loose

Melbournians certainly love a festival, don’t we? Seems like there’s a new one starting every week, so it’ll surprise no one to hear that it is once again time for the Melbourne Fringe! And one of the most delightful things about the Fringe is the incredible assortment of entertainment options at an ever increasing number of venues across our fair city, with new shows starting so frequently the possibility of ever growing bored is banished entirely.


Emily Vascotto has a confession; she’s a stalker. Well, no, she’s a romantic. She’s definitely not crazy. She doesn’t have any cats. But love can make you do crazy things, right? She’s just passionate. Isn’t a restraining order just a demonstration that someone’s noticed you efforts?

Everything from that first pre-school crush, high school romances, and crushing on that cute guy across the halls whose apartment could use woman’s touch receives hilarious musical treatment through a variety of original songs and well utilised covers. There’s a delightfully unhinged energy to Emily’s performance, but love is complicated and strange, and we can all act a little nuts sometimes.

Ben Murray is at the piano for emotional (and musical) support.

Screw Loose is at the Butterfly Club at 7.00pm until the 19th.Full $32, Conc. $28, Groups of 6+ $25.

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Nick Jones

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