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Published November 4, 2016


Cabaret sensation Petra Elliott is back at the Butterfly Club presenting a by-popular-demand return of Petrasexual, ticking all the right boxes but being defined by none of them. With Adam Rudegeair tickling the ivories (if he can do that with one hand, imagine what he can do with two!) and Ben Christensen plucking (PLUCKING) away on the bass, Petra’s powerful vocals tell the story of her gradual acceptance of her own sexuality. She is, and she’s quite proud to say it, a Petrasexual.

An hour of songs in an impressive variety, including perky, upbeat numbers like Ruth Willis’ classic Boobs and a reimagining of Pharell Williams’ Happy about marriage rights for same-sex couples, through to a melancholic mashup of Say My Name by Destiny’s Child and Soko’s I’ll Kill Her, all opening with a striptease to a reclaimed and vastly improved version of Blurred Lines that makes it very clear there are no such things.

Frequently cheeky and crass – audience participation includes loudly chanting a word that some people are decidedly uncomfortable with – it’s amazing what you can get away with at 8:30, although if you’re coming to cabaret at the Butterfly Club you should know what to expect. Petra is definitely comfortable in her own skin as a performer, and that radiates out to the audience.

Petrasexual stars Petra Elliott is at the Butterfly Club, 8:30pm until Sunday. Full $32, Conc. $28, Members $26, Groups of 6+ $25. Don’t bring Mum, ‘cause it’s a little bit naughty!

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