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Published February 24, 2017

When I grow up I want to be an old woman.

The wild wolf woman of the desert – she of greying fur and razor sharp claws – howls at the moon.  Stalking the stage, she imparts a wisdom known to us as but oft ignored; age comes to us all you know. Dismissed by teenage girls in the toilet, invisible to a man in the hardware store, she finds herself fading away, almost invisible, but still there, a lingering presence almost haunting while still being solid. Is she the incredible shrinking woman, a faint dot?

In “All This Living!”, writer and performer Camilla Blunden draws on a variety of experiences from women in their mid-fifties though eighties, their feelings on age, sex, life and death, of what it is truly like to be in that third stage of life; decay. With a wry smile and emotional honesty, she recalls stories of mythical women, of the hags and crones of old, and in her powerful monologue she draws sharp focus on the other side of the coin of a society captivated by youth.

Though she has taken from focus groups of other women, it is an intensely personal experience, something that has welled up from within. Sometimes funny, often confronting, it is certainly a show that will leave you deep in though on the car ride home.


All This Living! is on until Sunday February 26 at the Butterfly Club. Tickets are available online or at the door. Prices range between $25 – $32.

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