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Published March 30, 2017

3 Little Gigs is exactly how it sounds. Three new stand-up comedians banded together to create one little show with three acts.

The audience on opening night were an uneven spread, but in spite of this they were engaged from the very beginning. Opening act Nick O’Connell committed to every single thing that came out of his mouth, and even if it didn’t garner that uproarious reaction he may have hoped for, his confidence helped land the jokes. There was laughter from the seats and a sense of calm on stage that set everyone at ease. He was genuine and really enjoyable to watch.

Both O’Connell and Bec Charlwood, the second act, were professional and light-hearted when faced with technical difficulties. The microphone cut in and out on O’Connell before eventually giving out altogether when Bec began her set. She played it off with grace and it made her even more endearing. She was the standout of the three, with some one on one audience interaction keeping the strong energy going. Her humour was relatable and it was easy to laugh along with her.

By the time Rhi Down took the stage the technical malfunction had been fixed and she ran headfirst into her set. Down is blunt, to the point and a little too honest. Her self-deprecating style was a nice way to round off the show. She managed to toe the line of what’s too far and what’s just funny. She wasn’t afraid to get dirty and it was easy to nod along with her jokes, because they were just so true.

While nobody was rolling on the floor or slapping their knees to begin with, there were chuckles a-plenty and each of the comedians were instantly likeable and easy to listen to. 3 Little Gigs leaves you with the impression that you’re already friends with each of acts. From wanting to give Nick O’Connell dating advice, having a glass of wine with Bec Charlwood and telling Rhi Down that she’s got enough rodents in her life, the three of them were different enough to be engaging one after the other but similar enough for the show to sit together nicely as one unit. It’s a show well worth seeing if you want to support the up-and comers or just see a laid-back show and have a laugh at life.


3 Little Gigs is on at the Imperial Hotel at 6:15pm as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival until 23 April, no shows on Mondays. Tickets cost between $10 – $18 and are available online or at the door.

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