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Published April 14, 2017

Sometimes here at Popculture-y, we encounter something we’re so opinionated about, more than one of us want to write about it. Usually, this culminates in a review-off, a battle of well reasoned arguments… but in this case, Nick Jones and Til Knowles just really, really love Chimp Cop. Find out why below.

We open in an abandoned warehouse. Two criminals hardened criminals conduct their shady business; there is NO POSSIBLE WAY the URBAN LEGEND CHIMP COP could POSSIBLY INTERVENE…!

Yes, those lovable rapscallions Adam Knox, Ben Vernel, Rosie Vernel and Timothy Clark are back with Chimp Cop Forever. In this this gripping installment, Chimp Cop (Clark) must return, undercover, to his home town to investigate a new drug sweeping the streets, and unmask the kingpin. The chief suspect…HIS OWN FATHER (Knox). Further drama comes in the form of the girl he left behind (Rosie), now not just a cop, but THE COP, and, of course, the ever-looming question…so, wait, is he meant to be a chimp?

Clark plays the role of Chimp Cop with aplomb, and Knox is hilarious as his father, Criminal Cop, but a lion’s share of the work this time around goes to the Vernels; while each have a distinct character they play, they are also required to act as everybody else. It’s reference heavy comedy – I particularly enjoyed their take on the Three Stooges – and there’s a few groan-out-loud obvious jokes, but delivered well by a very likable cast.

Low budget, authentic, and hilarious.

Nick Jones

Sketch troupe Chimp Cop are fast becoming a festival staple. Now performing at their third Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Timothy Clark, Adam Knox, and Rosie and Ben Vernel have tightened their brand of rapid-fire reference heavy sketch into a smooth joke machine. In Chimp Cop Forever, Chimp Cop is back fighting crime wherever he finds it, even if it could be in his own family.

The show is filled with quick visual gags, built around a charming combination of cop films and slapstick spoofs. This installment of the Chimp Cop saga has a little more of a story focus, complete with a narrative arc. While there are several very expected twists and turns, there are also some unexpected ones, with tropes turned neatly into punchlines.

It’s a joyous thing to watch Clark, Knox and the Vernels perform together. The four have great stage chemistry, setting each other up for laughs, bouncing off of each other. There’s no audience interaction, more ‘to camera’ asides, moments in which each comedian gets to turn their facial expressions up to cartoonish heights. The show has a well-rehearsed comic timing that lends itself to those asides, full of pauses and knowing moments. Clark’s Chimp Cop is, as always, ch-impishly cheeky, Rosie Vernel’s deadpan often carries the audience from giggles into all out laughter, and Knox pulls some excellent accent work and a strange amount of gravitas.

Chimp Cop Forever is an hour away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday, and into the crime-fighting world of Chimp Cop. If you haven’t seen the previous two shows, don’t worry about it; this kind of lighthearted sketch comedy is enthralling silliness.

Til Knowles


Chimp Cop Forever is on at 9:45 pm at Trades Hall until 23 April, no shows Wednesdays. Tickets are available online, at the door and at the venue.



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