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Published April 2, 2017

A stage backed by red brick walls; the quintessential background for traditional stand-up comedy. A man playing the guitar and asking if it’s weird, the welcoming feeling of chairs you can actually sit comfortably in and have space to move. Momentous is an undeniably pleasant show from the moment you step into the Silk Room at the Chinese Museum.

Aside from being in an aesthetically pleasing venue, Cam Knight is a laid-back, conversational performer. He wins over the audience within seconds, stopping to have a chat with more than one person before transitioning smoothly into his jokes. To the naked eye his show looks like it’s being crafted before you in that very moment. Knight’s interactions with people in the audience move seamlessly into his stories, jokes and friendly advice. It’s clear that he knows what he’s doing and you’re undeniably aware of who’s in charge from the get-go.

The heavy emphasis on audience interaction and participation leaves Knight open for hecklers or the dreaded silence when asking someone a direct question. He encourages people to speak up, and seems genuinely interested in what they have to say, which makes it easier for more people to pipe up when prodded. When things don’t go his way he makes the most of it and twists the situation into a joke, but that doesn’t happen often. Watching Knight work is like watching a puppet master, he knows exactly what to say in order the garner the answer he needs in order to segue into his jokes. He knows who in the audience will want to chat back from seemingly the first question, and he forms what can almost be described as relationships with those people, drawing them back for more comments throughout the show.

Knight has a mix of extremely energetic physical comedy and completely laid-back storytelling. He’s great to see in person and his comedy is remarkably personal, honest and touching. Knight may or may not be attracted to bacon and have a beef with free-range eggs but he is the master of his stage and the man of his house. Cam Knight is an excellent night out and well worth staying out for the late spot.


Momentous is on as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival at the Chinese Museum at 9:30pm. Tickets are available online, or at the comedy festival box office.

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