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Published April 2, 2017

It’s late at night and your mind is starting to wander. Maybe you’ve taken a wrong turn, but you can’t be sure; this must be the place, right? There’s a clown – you can tell from his nose – but he’s heavily armed and insists everything be perfect before the show can start. Your MC’s dress is beautiful and made from pots and pans left to her by her father. The phone rings frequently, the sound guy reminding acts not to go over time because “THEY are coming”.

You may have found The Lost Lost Lost Cabaret.

Sharnema Nougar is your incomparable host, aided by her clown Pinkie (who has some rather…interesting costume changes himself), and introduces a fine selection of the Festival’s talents; on the night I attended, we were treated to Josipa Draisma, Penny Greenlaugh, and the Fringe Wives Club. There’s a feeling that the wheels may have come off slightly, of an impending sense that things might go wrong and are being barely held together by a host very much on the edge, but that’s quite exciting. Sharnema has a manic energy to her, and there’s a great amount of comedy in that.

A strange and wonderful evening that I don’t feel can be quite fairly described in words.

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