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Published April 5, 2017
Canadian comedian DeAnne Smith is mischievously likeable. After what was widely agreed to be a difficult year in most progressive circles, Smith’s show seeks to find the funny side in everything, and bring some much needed levity to the world at large.
Smith’s style is traditional, down the barrel stand-up, complete with slightly confrontational bent. She pushes the crowd to its softer limits and brings them back to laughter again with a gentle, inoffensive ease. Her stage presence is very accurately (self) described as ‘gentleman elf’ – impish yet polite.
The themes are broad, and your standard stand up pillars are all there: relationships, depression, hipsters, ego, and comedy itself. The show is political but politics isn’t exactly a theme, instead its more that the content is buoyed by progressive values and ideas, something that helps Smith keep her audience onside. There’s a fair amount of punching up, across and inward. Smith uses her own struggles to position herself as utterly likeable before going after others, and her observations, even the ones that touch on familiar territory, are solidly unique and her own because of it.
If you’re looking for a laugh-assured foray into the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s international contingent, Post-Joke Era is a great place to start.
Post-Joke Era is on at 7pm at Taxi Riverside until the 23rd of April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available online or at the festival box office.

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