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Published April 2, 2017

Those darling divas from Ginger and Tonic find themselves Desperate and Dateless, though for the life of them they can’t think why; they’ve done all the right things, including – shudder – being themselves. Over an hour of incredible a cappella, demonstrating an incredible range and parodying a wide variety of songs, the girls explore what it’s truly like to have to swipe right, and to try to date via cabaret. Jane, Burzie, Fanny and Dani are all seasoned pros who excel at making audiences happy with their mouths (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Highlights for this reviewer include Kate Miller-Heidke’s ‘Can’t Shake It’, a cover of ‘Fever’ that goes in a very different direction, as well as their take on classic TV show The Dating Game. The girls each bring something different to the mix, from not quite-being-over-someone, to being young and enthusiastic if somewhat picky, and that diversity pays comedy dividends. There’s a palpable chemistry, and also a genuine sense that they’re enjoying themselves, which means that the audience will enjoy themselves as well.

So grab a drink, and prepare to find love; Ginger and Tonic hit all the right notes.


Ginger and Tonic’s Desperate and Dateless is playing till 9 April. Tickets start at $20 – to buy some, head to the MICF website.

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