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Published April 21, 2017

“Sometimes, when a Mummy and Daddy love each other very much…” – Anon.

Grant Buse has come to a realisation that in the twelve years he spent at an all boys Catholic school, no one taught him the two most important things about sex:

  1. sex is fun, and, more importantly
  2. consent is everything.

This hasn’t sat well with him, so he’s educating audiences the best way he know how: MUSICALLY. That’s right, it’s time to sit down in Mr. Buse’s Sex Ed Class and talk about The Birds & The Beats.

The tone is set from the get-go by Grant’s unique take on emerging from behind the curtain. It’s a relaxed, judgement free space, with frequent prompting of the audience on subjects ranging from what they wish they’d been taught about sex, to the lamest reasons they’ve been told their partner couldn’t wear a condom. Grant is armed with a guitar, a loop pedal, and his cheeky, school boy-ish sense of humour. Puns abound in this hour of original songs and occasional interruption with questions from Young Grant.

A highlight of the show must surely be Grant throwing over to the audience for question about his own love life, with the promise of absolute honesty; the night I attended he answered a question he’d never been asked before, and, let me tell you, it was as hilarious as it was embarrassing.

So sit back, and prepare to learn in a show describes as a “sing-a-long sex ed for adults”.


The Birds and the Beats is only on until 23 April – to get tickets, head to the MICF website or get them at the door.

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