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Published April 6, 2017

One day you wake up to a sink full of forks and the unsettling realisation that you’re an adult now, and holy crap, how did you get there? Jacqueline Mifsud is trying to make sense of it all, with her latest show entitled just that; Sink Full of Forks. Though this is only her second MICF show, she’s a hard working, energetic performer, regularly gigging at some of the cities finest comedy hotspots. A self confessed Francophile, she’s still coming down from the high of living there for a number of years, and her show is filled with a number of stories that address the feeling of being a fish-out-of-water, both geographically, and in adulthood more generally.

Misfud’s outward confidence and stage presence make her an engaging and erudite entertainer, but through the intensely personal stories she relates, there is a clear sense of deep complexity. She’s not at all afraid to be honest about the anxieties and stresses she’s faced, and that lends to an intense bond developing between herself and the audience, an almost friendship. And you will laugh! And it will feel cathartic, but it will also be genuine, hilarious laughter, laughter that comes from deep within.


Sink Full of Forks is on at 6:15 pm at Tasma Terrace until 8 April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available online and at the door.

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