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Published April 2, 2017

It’s easy to see why Jimeoin has been such a successful comedian for as long as he has: he has this way of performing that’s seemingly effortless. And that’s what true comedians are, they’re performers. When you go see Jimeoin, you’re not just there for a guy and a microphone, you’re there for the experience. Jimeoin is definitely experienced in his craft and it shows though in every aspect of his show Renonsense Man.

From the very first moment he addresses the audience everyone is laughing. They’re not just laughing little chortles, he makes you laugh that ugly, embarrassing laugh that you don’t want anyone to hear. Jimeoin understands how to work a stage, bring on a surprise punch line and joke about his family, sing a song and go back to joking but this time about his balls all in the space of twenty minutes. He understands how to interact with his audience and give latecomers the gentle ribbing they deserve.

It is worth mentioning that some of his material is a bit dated, or perhaps for older generations – being hit by your parents isn’t something people under the age of 30 commonly identify with. Although being afraid of at least once of your parents is a universal concern. Renonsense Man is full of dad jokes as well as the odd fart joke, which seem to go hand in hand with the non-stop belly-laughs heard around the room. While you’re supposed to sympathise with him against his wife, it’s hard not to agree with her reaction to his antics.

You can’t expect very many comedians to simply walk on stage and pull a face at the audience and receive the enthusiastic reaction that Jimeoin does, but there aren’t very many comedians with such a wide range of both facial expressions and fans. He’s got something that’s stood the test of time and kept venues packed with bodies. If you don’t mind being re-named to Keith, regardless of your gender or place in the crowd; are a longtime Jimeoin fan; or fancy a guaranteed, albeit occasionally cringe-worthy laugh, then this stand up comedian is the one for you.


Jimeoin’s Renonsense Man is playing through till 23 April. Tickets start at $38 – to buy, head to the MICF website.

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