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Published April 16, 2017

While the title may seem nonsensical, Mucho Relaxo Melbo is an amusing tag-team of underground comedians. The first act is a relatable guy in an ace sweater who tells it how it is and goes by the name of Gearard McGeown. He slings some Australian-brand humour your way, references iconic Australian landmarks like the Reject Shop and his version of old mate down the road with eight teeth.

McGeown’s privileged life, private schooling and university qualifications may make him overqualified for his job, but he’s just qualified enough to open for Cait Johnson at the Tasma Terrace.

Cait Johnson is the headline act and the one everyone accepts the mildly uncomfortable close-quarters seating to see. From the moment she steps on stage the energy in the room booms before dropping down to be in sync with her mellow energy and almost deadpan-delivery. With each punchline comes laughter from the crowd, a good sign in every respect. Johnson, despite her protests to the contrary, has strong political undercurrents to her comedy, as well as having strong opinions on what constitutes art.

Johnson has a refreshing take on stereotypes, namely people stereotyping her and the assumptions made about her appearance. She uses misdirection and lets jokes sneak up on the crowd. If you’re over sitting in a packed town hall and want to see how the other half laughs, this show is for you.


Mucho Relaxo Melbo is playing until 22 April at Tasma Terrace. You can get tickets online and at the door.

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