Review: Murphy McLachlan – McLachlan’s Law

Murphy McLachlan is a man who can talk about getting a hickey and lying about it in front of his mother. That in itself is a memorable act, regardless of the stand-up that follows. The title of the show, McLachlan’s Law, is an amusing take on the old adage, Murphy’s Law. Because Murphy McLachlan, McLachlan’s Law, Murphy’s Law, the idea that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. He talks about times in his life when things haven’t gone right, odd jobs and odd bosses.

McLachlan is clearly comfortable with a stage, and comfortable with his material. He’s happy to chat about his set and the jokes he’s taken out before going into his routine. It might be nice to hear him sing, but unfortunately we miss out this time.

An incredibly nice guy who tells interesting stories, McLachlan has a smile on everyone’s face before the jokes even start. The show itself is more of a storytelling session than traditional stand-up, with long-form jokes that don’t quite connect to each other in any tangible way. He makes you laugh, don’t doubt that for a second, but the whole experience is simply pleasant. Like a hot chocolate before bed, no hard thinking is required and you leave feeling warm, cosy and the opposite of disappointed.

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