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Published April 9, 2017

Sam Simmons’ A-K is a blend of traditional stand-up and physical comedic skits. He finds heroes in his audience and brings volunteers on stage to hold props and frolic through the stars. The skits are completely absurd, confusing and hilarious. It’s a gentle break from the continuous storytelling that is the nature of stand-up comedy.

He merges genres, creates characters and doesn’t have to justify his jokes. It’s all comedy and everything is fair game, but nothing particularly vulgar or vile passes through his lips or out over the speaker system. He teaches his audience how to find their very own porn-star identity all the while prancing around the stage and making vague connections to badminton.

The very beginning of the show sets up the scene for the wacky-comedic adventure that’s about to unfold on stage. From lighting cues to dancing along to angelic audio-tracks of completely ridiculous things, Sam Simmons is a professional for a reason. He is a very funny man who is a natural performer and has an amazing mustache.

Although Simmons has high expectations put on him by an unrelenting audience that doesn’t do him justice, he is a seasoned comedian with great material and the ability to perform it. For whatever reason many members of the audience were unable to stay seated or off their phones on the night I attended. One can only assume they were confused by the title of the show and thought A-K was just going to be Simmons reading the phonebook. Instead he gave us an hour of great comedy.

Simmons makes the best out of a bad situation and seems to truly enjoy performing. If you want to sit down and hear someone read the phonebook from A-K then go somewhere else, if you want to be entertained, confused and a little scared for an hour go see this show.


Sam Simmons show A-K is on till 23 April, tickets start from $27. For more information and to get tickets, visit the MICF website.

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