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Published September 20, 2017

I’ve noticed, of late, a trend in some of the live shows I’ve seen; granted, people have always made jokes about sex, but far from the usual entendre, innuendo or just plain crudity, a new brand of performer is stepping forward to loudly and proudly proclaim their proclivities, their sexual liberty. And well they should! We live in an age where it has never been easier to access information, and yet, thanks to a lingering conservative mindset, a vast majority of people (especially women) are still in the dark about their own bodies.

In Erotic Intelligence for Dummies, Helen Cassidy takes a dive beneath the sheets in an erotic experiment to explore the complexities of these intimate moments. Never shying from the spotlight, highlights include what can only be described as a Play School-esque storytime for adults, as the young Helen…discovers herself with the help of a koala toy, a sexual safari revealing fascinating facts about our animal friends (and a bit about ourselves), a hilarious spoof of dating games a-la, well, The Dating Game, and an audience wide love-in that is definitely not for the faint of heart.

I especially enjoyed Helen’s story about…discovering herself; I don’t think I’m stepping out of line in saying that many…discover themselves in very similar ways, with the naivety of a child and left to our own resources. It’s that conservative mindset at work again, with sex and masturbation being drilled into as as either a) private and a little shameful or even worse b) sinful. Thanks to shows like hers, we’re finally realising that, well, it can just be fun, and there’s a lot we haven’t been told, especially, and I’m upset to reiterate this point, women.

I’m a bit of a people-watcher, so as much as I enjoyed the show, that enjoyment was increased tenfold, observing a somewhat elderly couple that one would immediately assume to have the above mentioned mindset have the absolute time of their lives. That speaks volumes to me!

So leave your hangups at the door, Erotic Intelligence is a show that hits all the right notes, touching you in all the right (and sometimes naughty, but a lot of fun!) places.


Erotic Intelligence for Dummies is at the Fringe Hub: Art House – Underground at 7:45pm until 22 September. Tickets are $30.

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