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Published October 6, 2017

Lauren Edwards and Jude Perl’s Yada Yada Yada: A 90s Sitcom Special is a 50-minute musical ode to all that was brilliant about those nostalgic 90s sitcoms where, as the show aptly puts it, any predicament can be beautifully solved in under 22 minutes and any other possible location is seemingly spurned in order to hang out at the local café all day.

Edwards and Perl burst in with accents and guns a-blazing, putting on an impeccable impression of Fran and her grandmother Yetta (of The Nanny fame). Their remarkable chemistry with each other and exceptional ability to enliven the audience make for a robust introduction that is sustained for the entire duration of the show.

An Inception-esque feel is apparent; the show itself is really a show within a show, a clever design that allows the performers to insert tongue-in-cheek observations on matters like women’s roles in Hollywood and society, and the grand old stereotype of the Jewish grandma.

The songs performed, which are a mix of theme song throwbacks and homemade jams, do their part in showcasing some hilariously witty banter as well as the admirable singing skills of Edwards and Perl. Also notable is a particularly funny gameshow segment, where contestants are chosen from the audience to guess which iconic line came from what character and sitcom.

Yada Yada Yada: A 90s Sitcom Special is an array of delightful song and comedy, which is buoyed by the likeability of the two performers, and some smart comedic skill and writing. All in all, a wonderfully charming show.

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