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Published April 18, 2018

My Greatest Period Ever is an eye-opening experience for anyone who either experiences periods, used to experience periods or knows someone who experiences periods. So everyone ever. While not laugh-out-loud funny, this show incorporates health education, music and whimsical real-time doodles of the show.

Husband and wife duo Lucy Peach and Richard Berney are sickeningly-sweet and make you think #marriagegoals. As Peach takes the stage, Berney injects a lot of the humour through a multimedia display of his real-time interpretation of the show. He draws audience members in and helps highlight the important aspects of Peach’s monologue.

It’s clear throughout the show that Peach is passionate about periods, about how they change a person’s mood and energy levels. She injects comedy though her larger-than-life, child of the moon serenity and enthusiasm. When she sings, Peach’s voice is ethereal and haunting, not the jaunty show tunes one might expect when seeing a show marketed as ‘a musical about periods’. Her songs were definitely inspired by the different phases of the period cycle.

One thing to take away from this show is that Peach manages to unite the room in a common bond of sisterhood. Dolling out hand-made costumes for different audience members in different stages of their cycle. This might sound odd, but it’s actually quite beautiful to be a part of a community with people you’ve never met, but who are sharing this experience with you. It’s heart-warming and wholesome.

When it comes to the guys, well, they get a shout out. This isn’t a show that is solely geared towards women, it’s informative to everyone. If a guy is wondering why someone he knows can be super-energetic one day and not want to get off the couch the next, or how to love cohesively with a woman, romantically or not, or even if they want a snapshot of what it’s like to be a woman (or someone who has periods), then this show is well-worth seeing.


My Greatest Period Ever is on at 8:30pm at the Butterfly Club until 22 April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased from the Butterfly Club box office or via the MICF website.

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