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Published April 1, 2018

Your twenties are a weird time; really you’re still a teenager, but everyone’s treating you like an adult, ’cause, well, technically you are one, but you’re still a long way from figuring out what any of it means, let alone how the washing machine works, or how to assemble an IKEA bed. We’re fumbling around in the dark, and the fact that we’re allowed alcohol certainly doesn’t help. Even the most minor of things can sometimes seem like just so much drama, but, as Hit By A Blimp demonstrate in their new show, I’m Here, there’s a lot to laugh at.

Hit By A Blimp are Tiana Hogben, Caitlyn Staples and Jayden Masciulli, all experienced performers, all appearing, among other things, as part of The Improv Conspiracy. They’re energetic and enthusiastic, their sketches, although often escalating to the point of absurdity, are relatable to the level where they are not so much acting, as telling you exactly how it was, especially emotionally. You’d be hard pressed to find even one sketch that you haven’t experienced yourself, to some extent.


Through a series of interwoven vignettes, the story of the life of a typical twenty-something is told. From awkward, forced conversations at parties with people you really have nothing in common with, to being the weird one at the office; these things and more are given a comedic highlighting – sometimes through song – identifying that although sometimes we can feel alone and anxious, really these are shared human experience, and often, from the outside, just a little bit hilarious.

Two particular things stuck with me, the first of which is something we’ve all faced at one time or another; I know they’ve seen my Facebook message, but why, after five hours now, haven’t they replied? As we await a response, our minds inevitably turn to all of the different reasons why they might delay in responding to our very important missive. The scene escalates perfectly, and the exaggerated humour exactly illustrates the ridiculousness of the scenarios our imaginations concoct in the face of anxiety. Their cover of Coldplay’s The Scientist, about, of all things, UberEats, had me in stitches. The Evatt Room at Trades Hall is intimate and cosy, and an ideal venue; you’re amongst friends, all there for a laugh at our shared human experiences and the hilarious strangeness that is being here.


I’m Here is at Trades Hall until April 8. 7:30pm Monday – Saturday (no Wednesdays),  6:30pm Sunday. There is also a 5:30 session on April 7. $25 Full, $20 Conc., Discounts for Groups of 6+ and for Tightarse Tuesday. Tickets are available from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website and box office.


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