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Published April 7, 2018

Dave Hynes is pure, unbridled, childish enthusiasm wrapped up in a delightful costume he describes as a ‘bin liner’.  Although he may be fond of dressing in bins, the show is definitely not trash!  Right from the start Hynes chats with the audience and establishes excellent rapport without making those who dislike a lot of audience participation uncomfortable.

Hynes’ energy is contagious, and it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the joyful silliness of it all; he’s a master of building the atmosphere up and bringing the audience onto his level.  With a wickedly happy, childish smile, boundless energy, and frequent raving about everything he loves, it would be difficult not to succumb to his enthusiasm.

Hynes’ starts and ends his show solo, and in between these silly sections features a new special guest every night to discuss the topic ‘love’ with.  There was something very enjoyable about starting the show on a silly high, getting deeper into the topic of love in the middle, and finishing on another brilliantly silly high at the end.  The show feels very authentic, and Hynes’ was excellent at keeping the improv guest appearance both focused on the serious topic and also funny and relaxed for everyone.

Claire Sullivan was Hynes’ special guest for the night, and she was just as real, and almost as silly as Hynes himself.  Both had a childish earnestness that lent itself well to chatting about love and deep, non-silly things at the same time as being funny, which really endeared them to the audience.  Sullivan is hilarious and took the opportunity to educate the audience on some of the traps of modern dating.  Where some improv can fall short of the mark, Sullivan and Hynes have clearly honed their skills.  Obviously, Hynes’ has excellent comedian friends to bring along, but he was also one of the best comedians I’ve seen at pulling off an improv-interview style show and making it look easy.

Audiences can expect glitter, pineapples, jazz-hands – all great things on their own and I can confirm they are extra fabulous when combined with Dave Hynes.  This is definitely a show for those that enjoy a bit of silliness and unashamed abandon in our comedy.  There was also at least one pun in there – bonus points.


I Love You Special Guest in Brackets. One Night Only is playing at the Imperial Hotel until  21 April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets, show times and accessibility information are available via the MICF website.

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