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Published April 2, 2018

Four talented stand-up comedians from the UK and Ireland each took the stage for a fifteen minute set. Four very different personalities, four very different sets, all complementing each other beautifully.

Lauren Pattison was first up, her youthful persona and sparking attire won the crowd over in an instant. It’s not always easy to be first up, but Pattison managed to wow the crowd and leaving everyone in stiches. Her timing was impeccable and her material fresh and relatable. When her set ended, she left you wanting more.

Although you might have wanted more of Pattison, Ivo Graham was equally winning, with his charming tongue-in-cheek private schoolboy persona and Yoda-like way of speaking. He managed to turn tales of privilege and inability to act like a grown-man into something enjoyable for even the most working-class attendee.

Third up was a non-UK comedian, but she is Irish and for us that’s close enough. Eleanor Tiernan was a slower start than her comrades, taking longer to draw the focus on her rather than her predecessor. There were more lulls in Tiernan’s fifteen minutes than any of the others, the laughs less continuous. But she was able to use this to her advantage, building tension so it’s all the sweeter when she lets us have the punchline. Managing to achieve a dichotomy of emotions in a fifteen-minute set is a remarkable talent.

Closing off the show was Darren Harriot, and he closed it off with a bang. His mannerisms and persona were instantly likable, he didn’t have to say anything for the crowd to know they were in good hands. His personal brand of stand-up was inarguably British, down to earth and insanely mesmerising. It was impossible to look away or not be smiling the entire time he took the stage.

For each of the acts, fifteen minutes didn’t seem long enough. It would be more than worth the money to see each of them alone for an hour-long performance. That being said, having four in one is like a delicious tasking platter of comedy, you might want one thing more than another but everything is still tasty and delicious.

Lauren Pattison is will be with New Order until April 8th, after that Brennan Reece will be filling her space.


New Order is on until 22 April (no shows Wednesdays) at the Melbourne Town Hall as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. For tickets, show times and accessibility information, head to the MICF website.

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