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Published April 14, 2018

Alex Reynolds is an up and comer with a delightfully awkward, self-effacing, story-telling style of comedy; think awkward and you’ll know the kind of show you’re in for.  Pauses used for comedic effect sometimes hit the mark to be hilarious, and other times are mostly awkward.  It was quite a skill and very well set up by Reynolds that both added to the show, rather than alienating the audience like awkward pauses sometimes can.

Awkward comedy is always ambitious, when it lands with the audience it’s hilarious, one slight misstep and it can just be awkward.  Reynold’s style reminded me somewhat of Luke McGregor – she was so charming and delightful that even where there were slight misses the audience was 100% on board with where she was going next.  Reynolds has a real skill for balancing out a show – not many comedians could pull off her style, and the serious topics she covers, and still have an audience leaving feeling like they’ve just seen a funny show.

The show covers some fairly serious topics, and Reynolds does an excellent job of of dealing with these frankly and giving them the gravity they deserve, rather than simply cracking cheap jokes.  The delivery was so earnest and relatable that if a few jokes fell a little flat, it built into the show rather than making the audience cringe.  There were several deep belly laugh moments well placed throughout the show that helped balance out the awkward style of comedy and kept the audience on the hook.

Reynolds’ chats (and it really does feel like she’s having an intimate chat with you) about her dating regrets, the difficulties of being artsy, and the regrets that come with growing up were thoroughly relatable.  There was numerous moments when every member of the audience (and she attracted a broad demographic!) connected with her personal regrets that were very, very universal and had us giggling as much at her story, as our own regrets and the smirks and titters of everyone around us.

Don’t expect to guffaw, but if you don’t mind an awkward style of comedy, definitely check out Not Ready; it felt raw, but you will leave feeling warm and happy and keen to see what Reynolds does next!


Not Ready is on at 8pm at Comedy Unexpected @ West Space Gallery until 22 April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available online via the MICF website.

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