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Published April 17, 2018

Cam Knight is fast-paced and armed with enough punchy one liners to keep you gasping through laughter for the entire show.  Get Rich or Die Crying is brutally honest, punchy, and wickedly funny.  Whilst the theme of money runs throughout, the show is as much Knight musing over life in his 40s with young children, his dog ripping him off, and masculinity than it is about cash.

Any potential audience members shouldn’t be put off by the ‘pocketful’ of crowd work Knight works into the show – it was as gentle with the participants as it was funny, and really added to the intimate and honest feeling of the show.  Knight was a master of crowd work – quick witted, sharp, and gentle enough to get every member of the audience involved.

A perk of the heavy crowd work (especially when done so well) is that none of his shows will be alike and the material won’t get stale, as it’s tailored to each audience. Knight uses a refreshingly broad range of humour, which kept the show light and unexpected and made his sudden and often wrong punchlines all the more hilarious.  Knight’s parents were in the audience tonight, which led to a few ‘oh god, I should have left that joke out’ moments, but which ultimately made the jokes even funnier and Knight all the more relatable.

Knight was occasionally self-depreciating, but only as much as he was cynical about everyone and everything else.  Despite how cynical some of the show was, Knight was infectious and highly likable, and every criticism landed lightly.  Frequent awkward giggles and intense stares into the audience accentuated his points and made him all the more comical.

Knight works through some genuine social commentary, especially surrounding the responsibilities of raising two young boys. Knight gave the issues he delved into the gravity they needed and then transitioned from serious to joking flawlessly without taking away from the issues.  Raising some stories that will definitely be repeated at his sons’ 21st birthdays, Knight uses his hilarious stories as vessels for the more serious commentary.

Knight’s show was seamlessly put together and executed by a true professional.  No one is leaving that room without aching cheeks and a big smile.


Get Rich or Die Crying is on until 22 April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets, show details and accessibility information is available via the MICF website.

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