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Published April 17, 2018

Have you ever noticed that everything is “smashed” these days? Like, “What did you do this weekend?”, “Got up early and smashed out a jog, went to brunch and had some smashed avo, then we went out that night and got totally smashed”. Kitty Flanagan has. She’s also found herself at a point in her life where she watches a lot of reality TV. Everyone on every single show seems to being going on a “journey”, so that’s what she’s decided to do, she’s going to talk about something she’s always been a little uncomfortable talking about: Smashing (in a sexual sense).

Yes, this is a tight hour of comedy that talks about sex, baby. From being told she moves too much in bed (leading to a hilarious closing number with her musical sister, Penny Flanagan), to how technology can get us in trouble, “accidental bumage”, why food should be left out of the bedroom, celebrity passes and how internet dating should be based on things we hate, no topic is off limits for Flanagan, who seems to be delighting, in her signature style, on the catharsis of talking about the taboo.

For me, the most laughter came out of her material about online dating. It seems reasonable that people should be paired by an algorithm based on what they like, yes? Nooooooooo. Everybody like music, everyone likes movies, who wants to meet someone who agrees with them on everything? There’s much more passion to be had in pairing people based on their combined hates.

You know what to expect with Kitty Flanagan and she doesn’t disappoint; it’s  no wonder she’s constantly filling huge venues and a regular on TV and the Gala. A favourite who I could not recommend more.


Smashing is at the Athenaeum Theatre until 22 April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available from the MICF website.

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