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Published April 5, 2018

You Stupid Or What?! is a stand up comedy show about the life of Malaysian comedian Dr. Jason Leong. At the beginning of the show Leong mentioned what must have been on everyone in that room’s mind at that moment: why did we walk past those comfy looking red chairs in front of the large stage in the Merlyn Theatre into a small room that seemed to be the backstage area? Leong described the room as ‘the rectum of the Malthouse Theatre’ which of course had the audience erupt into a fit of laughter. However, he was very humbled that he is able to perform in the Merlyn Theatre all through the duration of his shows in Melbourne. Throughout the show we get to learn about Leong’s Malaysian culture, his family and the different places he’s traveled around the world such as India and New Zealand through very entertaining stories of past experiences he has dealt with. We learn that Leong went to medical school to become a doctor (certainly not just a stage name) but quit in 2013 to become a stand up comedian. Leong has a sharp wit and strong observational style, making for a strong hour of high-quality stand up.

Comedy is a very big passion of Leong’s, and you can definitely see that through the way his jokes are timed and the fun he has with his audience. This is a man who has dedicated himself to the pursuit of comedy in the same way one would to medicine. We also finally learn the answer to the age old question ‘what hurts more, getting kicked in the balls or giving birth?’ through a very informative and very detailed lecture by Dr. Leong himself. He has a medical degree, so I certainly believe his answer is correct. You Stupid Or What?! is a show that will have you laughing out loud and silently agreeing with Leong’s opinions on pretty much everything.


You Stupid or What?! is on at the Malthouse Theatre until 22 April (no Mondays) as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. For tickets, show details and accessibility information, head to the MICF website.

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