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Published April 5, 2018

Going into the Comedy Theatre to see Celia Pacquola’s new show All Talk, my only prior exposure to her work had been through her appearances on Have You Been Paying Attention.

I know, I know, I need to get around to Utopia. And Rosehaven.

Clearly, this is something she encounters quite a bit, as Pacquola spends some time during her show discussing the pitfalls of being known for comedy that is, shall we say, slightly more family-friendly than her stand-up material. Not that her stage show is particularly risqué. I mean, she only said ‘vagina’ a few times.

It’s hard to summarise the topics Pacquola’s material covers without coming off as weirdly condescending, as she discusses a lot of the things that make up the current White Millennial Australian experience. Between discussions of mental illness, sex and the effects of online movements like #MeToo, it was honestly refreshing to see some comedy that felt true to my experience without being too vague or without an attempt to be ‘disruptive’ of the stand-up format.

In fact, Pacquola shows a great skill at crafting her show, with the various threads of thought and comedy interacting throughout the hour instead of just existing next to each other as distinct ‘bits’. If there is something that felt distinct about Celia’s show that sets it apart from similar shows, it was that her style of storytelling favoured a slower build towards a larger punchline, instead of packing as many small jokes into each section as possible.

With her effortless-seeming command of the stage, All Talk feels more like a conversation, but at no point did it feel like the audience with losing interest. Honestly, the only down side to this show is having to sit on the Comedy Theatre’s awful seats for an hour.

Without reservation, I would encourage you to see Celia Pacquola’s All Talk. There’s a reason she’s one of Australia’s favourite comedians right now.


All Talk is on at the Comedy Theatre as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Dates are limited, so head to the MICF website to book tickets now!

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