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Published April 17, 2018

Something I’m really enjoying at the moment is the tendency for “rising stars” on the Melbourne comedy scene to band together come festival time and create what I think of as “ensemble” type shows; there must – I’d imagine – be some relief in not having to prep for a whole hour of show, and also being in the company of people in the same situation as yourself. Three Wise Men is another such show, bringing together the comedic styles of Tim McIntyre, Adam Samuel, and Jake Freeman.

First up was Tim McIntyre, a gentle giant of a man, whose relaxed delivery and demeanour enable him to easily interact and ingratiate himself with the audience. The Vault is a smaller room, so there’s nowhere to hide, and a goodly portion of his time was given over to a back-and-forth with the audience (though, admittedly, there was one pretty loud voice in the front row). At times, his set did seem a little reliant on somewhat older references, but I did get a good giggle out of his seeming obsession with Nikki Webster.

Adam Samuel immediately set himself apart from McIntyre with his quick-fire delivery and material about being a DIT – Dad In Training. Samuel happily admits to falling into the role of clueless, bumbling wannabe Dad, narrating anecdotes from his life as he prepares himself for the madness that is being a father, in a series of bits that escalated from the understandable strange, to the undeniably insane. I laughed the most at his material about touring schools for his future child.

Jake Freeman seemed to be the least polished of the three, but this was opening night, and a large  part of his act become a meta commentary on being so busy preparing for the show that he forgot to write any material, delivered in his deadpan style that rendered it utterly hilarious. He’s experiencing the same dilemmas as most of his peers; looking for work, trying to find love, but have you realised just how similar the two are? His material about toilet paper being the worst product to have to advertise or buy – beating out condoms – was a little blue – literally toilet humour – but was well received none the less.

I look forward to seeing more from all three; hopefully soon they’ll have festival shows of their own!


Three Wise Men stars Adam Samuel, Jake Freeman, and Tim McIntyre, and at the Vault Threatre 8pm until 19 April as part f the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available via the MICF website.

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