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Published August 26, 2018

If you’re looking for the best in physical comedy and clowning this Fringe, look no further than The Travelling Sisters’ Toupé. Lucy Fox, Laura Trenerry and Ell Sachs hit the stage with an origin song and rollicking energy and sustain it for the full hour, taking on songs, sketches and dance numbers with enthusiasm and aplomb. Using their versatile talents, they take the audience through a masterclass of music, comedy, clowning, and sketch that had me ugly laughing in the back row.

For a group that’s formed so recently (they’ve only been together for a few years) and playing their very first gig in Edinburgh, the Travelling Sisters are talented, professional, and accomplished at what they do. And what they do is hilarious. From the lollipop lady sketch, which showcased the best Australian humour, to the parody of country and western singing families and the finishing act involving all three girls, a giant cloak, and a set of false teeth, the Sisters kept the audience in stitches, with barely a beat skipped. Every single scene drew laughs and even the scene shifts were outrageously funny, with custom songs playing while the three danced through their costume changes with perfect slapstick timing. Watching their hilariously twisted characters grow out of three charming women in their daggiest underwear is a true joy to behold, and missing pants and lost teeth blend seamlessly with the dance routines and musical numbers.

While a few of the more Australian jokes didn’t quite land with the Edinburgh audiences – do they even have lollipop ladies in Scotland? – most of the humour was universal in the way that only absurdism and physical comedy can be, and even a sad cactus and an unsettling round of audience participation kept the laughs coming. The flat seating arrangement did mean people up the back missed a few things, so make sure you sit in the front to catch the floor work and their perfectly exaggerated facial expressions.

Watching three friends having the time of their lives on stage is always a delight, and The Travelling Sisters is no exception. All three are incredibly talented and set to go a long way. A show not to be missed!

Toupé is playing Edinburgh Fringe until the 27th of August. Tickets are available here.

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