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Published September 29, 2018

During the past decade, couch co-op gaming support in games has been in a steady decline. During the console generation switch in the early 2000’s, our fond memories of split screening with our mates seemed be destined to remain memories. Slowly but surely, games that had always been classic split screen gems began support online only multiplayer. I remember having four controllers for my Nintendo 64, each one worn down to dust. Nowadays, I’d be surprised to meet somebody who owned more than two Xbox One remotes. Thankfully though, the Nintendo Switch of all consoles seems to have filled the nostalgic hole in my heart that couch co-op games have left.

Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers is a slot car style game from Sony publishing label UNTIES and developer Pocket, which came out to Nintendo Switch on 30 Aug. It’s a simple, brightly coloured game that controls much like you think it would; your car moves in the direction your thumbstick is pointing in. The simplistic controls make it a great game to pick up and play, regardless of player skill. I was shocked to find that my decades of gaming experience meant nothing when I played with my housemates, everybody seemed to be on equal footing and we traded wins and laughs.

The ability to use the Switch’s remotes to play two players on the same Switch is a great use of the hardware, and the ability to add up to eight local players on the same switch has great party application. There is also online multiplayer for those that don’t have mates around all the time. The 15 brightly coloured tracks are small and punchy, once you’ve driven a lap you’ll likely have memories every corner. You can always take a break and take the party over to some of the ‘battle’ style arenas, and joust with your friends in sumo style battles or area domination games. The amount of variety in unlockable vehicles Is good to see, and using them to your advantage in different game types can see the difference between a win and a loss for sure.

I can recommend Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers if you’re a fan of couch gaming with your friends, and you’ve got a couple of minutes to burn with a few quick, punchy races. There isn’t a lot of substance – what you see is what you get. But for the chance to get eight people together and game against one another, you could certainly do a lot worse.

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