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Published December 11, 2018

The Travelling Sisters have performed all around the world, leaving awards and five-star reviews in your wake. But who are The Travelling Sisters?

We are Lucy Fox, Laura Trenerry and Ell Sachs. We like taking 2 hour lunch breaks in our 5 hour rehearsal days to cook elaborate meals. We are best friends. When you’ve shared as many beds together as we have, you see everything. Lucky for us we still find each other hilarious.

What are your performance backgrounds? How did you come to perform together?

We met at acting school in Toowoomba, Queensland and fell in love. When we weren’t at Uni we were singing and being general idiots with a bunch of other gorgeous creative lunatics who are also still our closest friends to this day. There wasn’t much else to do in the town on the hill so that’s really where the magic started. Then the three of us sort of just kept carrying on after Uni and have made most of our biggest life choices based on being together.

Tell us about Toupé. Where has it come from? What can people expect from it?

Take Kath & Kim and The Mighty Boosh, fuse them together, and that’s the vibe of the Sisters. Toupé was born in Laura’s Mum’s basement. Put us in a dark room with a wig box, dress ups and limited access to the outside world and this is what you get. The show is made up of random sketches strung together with classic trav sisters loop pedal tracks. Some of the characters you can expect are lollipop ladies with a second lease on life, a tap dancing cactus suffering heartache, and a giant diva made up of the three of us.

You’ve been touring the world for a lot of this year, including New Zealand and Edinburgh. Which has been your favourite place to perform? How do you adapt your performances for an international audience?

We get asked this question a lot, but I’d have to say we don’t really adapt our performances for international audiences. Or at least we haven’t really had to yet. This has generally worked okay, except maybe in Prague…

It’s very hard to pick a favourite place. New Zealand this year was absolutely awesome, we had some of the best audiences we’ve ever had, they would call out really weird things and we loved it. Edinburgh is a pretty special place to perform too – you never know on any given day how many people will be there. You might do the best show of your life to twelve people and then the next night an absolute doozy for 120…

What has been the Sisters’ best audience experience to date?

When we first got together, we performed in Dalby, Regional Queensland in the upstairs of the local pub. Our marketing manager was Laura’s Granddad, who walked around the town handing flyers and posters to the locals. It was a packed crowd with a bunch of local school teachers in one corner, the local hairdressers at the front drinking champagne by the bottle, and the local jeweller getting heavily into the audience participation action. Because everyone knew each other, we ramped up the audience participation and the show took all sorts of swivels and turns we didn’t see coming. They kept us on our toes. It was seriously raucous. One of our favourites to date.

How has it been working with director Kimberly Twiner (POPOMOCO)? What has she brought to Toupé?

We love working with Kimberley so much. She is always searching for the joy, the stupidity. She creates such a freeing workspace and allows us to play. She is very good at turning terrible things into things that people find funny. We often bring ideas and sketches and characters to Kimberley and then she helps us reshape, rewrite and it often develops into something totally different. This happened a lot in Toupé.

What’s next for The Travelling Sisters?

We are currently working on a web series that we’re filming next year, we’re a bit bloody excited! And a new show for 2019 as well which will be pretty different than the last…


The Travelling Sisters will perform their international hit show Toupé at The Butterfly Club on 12th & 13th December.

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