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Published April 7, 2019

The impeccable Anne Edmonds returns to the stage for this years’ Melbourne International Comedy Festival, with a cracking standup show that’s guaranteed to delight. What’s Wrong with You? is a thrilling deconstruction of conflict that sees Edmonds’ razor wit turned outwards. The set is framed by an attempt to understand the opaque motivations of unselfconscious and confident people, offset by Edmonds’ own struggles with mental health and self-doubt.

Fans of Edmonds’ sketch work on the ABC’s Get Krackin’, Fancy Boy and Edge of the Bush will be thrilled to discover the Barry-nominated comedian in her element, dismantling the banal and sociopathic in equal measure through her expertly-crafted set. Edmonds brings warmth and candour to every element of her performance, drawing the audience in with a wink and a smile before rolling them over with her tactical knack for one-liners and harsh truths. Her command of the form is such that even small stumbles and resets produce big laughs, with audiences captivated by the boisterous energy of her’ on-stage persona. From dealing with knowledgeable hecklers to finding and losing your marbles again, the show leaps across a range of internal and external battles, with Edmonds finding relatable and hilarious angles to some of the worst situations imaginable.

For comedy devotees and casual punters alike, What’s Wrong with You? is a riveting hour of standup that’ll have you ready to take on the next over-zealous arsehole that you meet in your own local car park. Highly recommended!


What’s Wrong with You? is playing at 9:45pm at the Melbourne Town Hall until the 21st of April, every night except Monday, as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be booked via the comedy festival website.

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