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Published April 8, 2019

Hobart based comedian Chloe Black came out 3 and a bit years ago as a transgender woman and has been living it up as her true self since. She’s happier with herself, she’s having a good time, and she has all the time she could possibly eat, but that’s not necessarily to do with her gender or sexual identity.

Tucked away into the halls of Tasma Terrace, Black’s show Transistor Sister takes a look at how transitioning from living as a man to living as a woman has affected her and the ways she interacts with the world. The show hits the ground running and is sharp, funny, and fast paced.

Unfortunately, as Chloe’s material starts to stray from the opening themes of gender and sexuality into explorations of working in a call centre, the pitfalls of attending poetry readings, and anagrams, the laughs start to fall away a bit and the pace slows considerably. The laughs are definitely still there, and some of the punchlines come out completely out of left field for fantastic effect, but the overall experience can feel a bit strained as a bit that isn’t inherently funny drags on for too long.

While the show as a whole could benefit from a sharper focus on the pace and flow of the sections, Chloe Black has clearly been working hard to build her considerable skills as a comedian and her material, as I said, is very good overall. Transistor Sister also contains some of the finest examples of addressing the current cultural climate and ongoing scandals in a way that is at once sympathetic, relatable, and cuttingly funny.


Transistor Sister is on at 7:15pm at Tasma Terrace until 21 April as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available from the MICF website or at the venue.

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