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Published April 10, 2019

There are small ironies to be found throughout life, from overly conservative parents switching from forbidding all sexual activity to suddenly demanding grandchildren to the typecasting and assumptions made in the name of preventing racism that are, in themselves, shockingly racist.

Diana Nguyen’s new show Dirty Diana delves into the experience of growing up within an immigrant family, through the trials of working as a Vietnamese-Australian TV actress, and the ‘tingles’ of online dating and sex, with plenty of tangents and pitstops along the way.

While Nguyen is energetic, eager to entertain, and absolutely charismatic, the show could have used a little more work on taking the very funny ‘bits’ and stringing them together into a cohesive show.

As someone of a different background to Nguyen, some of the cultural gags didn’t quite hit home for me, but they were still accessible and the rest of the audience kept laughing along merrily throughout.

With plenty of heart, some cheeky banter, and a fantastic story about her overzealous mother, Diana Nguyen’s Dirty Diana is a celebration of our own small ironies and the dirtiness lurking in all of us, however that manifests.


Dirty Diana is on at Storyville until 21 April as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available via the MICF website.

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