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Published April 2, 2019

Emily Tresidder will leave you thinking ‘what a treat!’ after lighting up the small stage in the Everett room of Trades Hall with her delightfully distinct and uniquely unexpected Melbourne-esque brand of stand-up comedy. Tresidder is engaging, endearing, energetic, excitable and not only an alliteration aficionado, but a world-class poet to boot.

Tresidder manages to draw you in from the beginning, enthusiastically greeting her audience as if they were welcome guests, including them in every step of the performance and keeping the energy high and spectators engaged. She treats them to not only personal anecdotes that make you think ‘hey, maybe my dad wasn’t that bad’, but also ‘yeah, screw you consumerism!’ Her show is as entertaining as it is endearing, with Tresidder’s bright smile and infectious laugh making it impossible not to laugh along with her tales of woe.

One may think how can one young woman have oh-so many talents? But wait-there’s more. Tresidder has a whole brand of hidden abilities that are sure to stun and amaze. Both the youthful and foolish and the aged and wise are no match for her charms. Think you can challenge yourself not to laugh?* There’s guaranteed to be a sneaky smile snaking its way to your face and summoning a smirk on its way to a snicker. *(I mean, this is not recommended… Because why would you do that in a comedy show?)

If that’s not enough to win you over, there’s also a bit of show-and-tell to keep you titillated, puns to make you groan and all the laughs crammed into a 50 minute set that you could possibly ask for.


Just Doing It is on at the Melbourne Town Hall and Trades Hall until 21 April as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets, show times and accessibility information can be found via the MICF website.

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