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Published April 9, 2019

Eve Ellenbogen is as unforgettable as she is enchanting. This American goddess knows who she is, knows what she likes and knows why millennial are fucked up. It’s not our fault!

From the teeny stage at Tasma Terrace, Ellenbogen begins her show with a genuine conversation with her audience. It’s unclear when the show truly begins, but that doesn’t mean you’re not delighted just to hear her speak and itching to be called upon. It’s not often you see someone with such magnetism, it’s truly impossible not to stare in wonder as Ellenbogen cracks jokes and talks about things other people aren’t allowed to.

Growing up in America isn’t something that many Australians can connect with, however, being plunked in front of a TV from a very young age seems to have been a common theme. Why are we the way that we are? Why do men think they have the right to a women’s body? Why do women think they need to make themselves small and demure? Ellenbogen has some truth-bombs for you. So look out.

It’s not all princesses and feminism, although it would be completely fine if it were, Ellenbogen isn’t afraid of getting deep. In places her show is reminiscent of Hannah Gadsby and other masters, the way she can control a room and insight tense silence, only to be broken with a word and the room fill with joy.

Eve Ellenbogen (@eveelbow on Instagram and Twitter) is truly is a delight to see and be a part of her show. It’s obvious that she loves what she’s doing and doesn’t care what you think of her. She owns a stage and wins your heart, all the way making you not only laugh, but think about why you’re laughing.


Too Much is on at 6:50pm at Crowded in the Vaults (Pilgrim Bar) until 21 April as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Show times, accessibility information and tickets can be found via the MICF website.


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  1. Eve is my daughter but when it comes to comedy and her performances I scratch my head and ask myself: Eve is my daughter? She is creative, engaging and has a strong stage presence, attributes I wasn’t aware of. There is one other thing that never ceases to surprise me: determination. I wanted her to be a lawyer, as her mother was, or a writer and editor (she has a good style), as I am. But it is her determination to be a stand-up comedian that has me standing up, and applauding! Go, Eve. I love it.

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